Prelude to JavaOne

JavaOne has 547 sessions over 5 days. So, as you might imagine, it was not an easy task to chose among them. I ended up selecting sessions related to Java EE, Financial and Internet of Things applications,  Microservices and Reactive Programming.

Among the ones I chose, here are some highlights… If you are not a software developer, most of this will, most certainly, be gibberish to you.

On Sunday, the first day of JavaOne, I must highlight the Java Strategy and Technical Keynotes were the architects of Java 8 will give some insights about the future versions 9, 10 and beyond. To the end of the day, I’ll attend to Free Java Tools for Maven and Java EE where, among others, Adam Bien and Markus Eisele will demo practical cases and discuss the evolution of these tools in relation to the cloud and HTML5 technology.

Monday will revolve around Java EE and several Internet of Things (IoT) sessions. There’s Arun Gupta’s Java EE7 Soup of Nuts and JavaEE8 were Linda Demichiel will present the planed feature set for the upcoming release of JEE.

Tuesday I’m looking forward to see Building a Distributed Application for the Cloud with Akka Clustering and Java 8 and also Building Systems with Asynchronous Microservices. The first one is a tutorial that will teach how to build a reactive application that scales dynamically across a cluster of machines as the load varies. The second it’s about using OSGi with asynchronous microservices.

On Wednesday, by this time I foresee some tiredness, but I’m not going to miss Applied Domain-Driven Design Blueprints for Java EE and Java EE 7 Recipes for Concurrency.

On the last day, apart from the JavaOne Community Keynote and Java EE 8 Community Update and Panel I’ll check The Five People in Your Organization Who Grow Legacy Code from Roberto Cortez.

This is a small sample of the dozens of session I planned to attend and I bet that I’m going to be surprised by some ones I didn’t mention. I’ll keep you posted.

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