TomEE: SSL/TLS Secured Websockets

In a previous article, WebSocket and Lock it! we showed how to use basic authentication on websocket calls to an application deployed on TomEE.In this article, we explain how to add SSL/TLS security to the connection between the client and the application server. To demonstrate this, we’ve created a new wss-secured-websocket project. This work is valid both for Secure Websocket (WSS) and HTTPS.

MicroProfile Fault Tolerance Annotations

In our last article about Microprofile Fault Tolerance we explained the motivation for this project and the need to provide a few design patterns under the microservice friendly Microprofile spec, namely:

  • Bulkhead – isolate failures in part of the system.
  • Circuit breaker – offer a way to fail fast.
  • Retry – define criteria on when to retry.
  • Fallback – provide an alternative solution for a failed execution.

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